Friday, January 27, 2006

On the farm

Yesterday we moved to the farm. Ian and Richard did the lion’s share of the moving furniture and boxes work at the Minneapolis apartment while I cleaned. It took us five hours from start to turning in the keys and garage door clicker to the management office. Ian drove the large U-Haul truck and I was in the Mazda, which my mom calls the yellow sunbeam. We were too pooped to begin unpacking last night, so the truck sits in the driveway waiting to be emptied. Luckily we are enjoying a spring-like warm spell with temperatures in the sunny mid and upper 40s F (low teens Celsius). Temperatures normally hover around zero or lower.

The renovation continues and we’re working on continuing to improve the exterior wall insulation. We also found a wallpaper remover gel that actually works to dissolve the paper and glue bits left on the wooden bead board ceilings in the living room and kitchen, which we hope to preserve. It’s nice to have something that lessens the overhead scraping work. I think now that we are truly here full time things will progress and come together more rapidly. I hope future postings bear this out.

Our high-speed wireless Internet will be connected today (YES), as will the second telephone line that will serve the office and its fax.

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Dvora said...

I take it you haven't had to go through Telefonica hell to obtain your high speed connection and no one made you beg for months (or years) to get a second phone line installed. Are you sure you like living where things are so easy?