Sunday, January 22, 2006

Every farm needs a truck, right?

This Thursday morning (January 26) we move from the apartment in Minneapolis. We have been spending nights at the farm since last Thursday (January 19) after enjoying a week at neighbor Donna's feeding her horses and cat while she was in Hawaii attending her son's wedding.

There's more work to do in the living room area (eventually the master bedroom) but we've made it as comfy as possible. Tiger approves and is glad we are here with him full time. While we finish the renovation we'll store most of our stuff in the garage. It will be nice to be here and not have to run two households physically or financially.

We also bought a truck to go along with our little yellow Mazda! A blue 1997 Chevrolet Cheyenne extended cab pick up, it's an automatic with 4-wheel drive. It's full bed is nice for hauling hay, drywall and stuff. It rides nice too. Ian says that's due to the long wheel base. It has a trailer hitch too and has enough power to pull a horse trailer, although we don't have one of those (yet).

Speaking of horses, we went to the monthly horse auction last night, the same one where we bought Cairo. We did bid on a couple of horses, but did not come home with any new ones. We'll try again next month. :-)

The high speed wireless Internet should be connect later this week, as will the office phone and fax line. We already have a house telephone line and are staying in touch via dial-up connection (painfully s-l-o-w).

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