Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy July!

June just whisked by with Alex’s visit, horse shows and photo shoots. It was a very wet month here in Minnesota. While we needed the rain throughout the state, June’s rainfall amounts were record breaking. We are quite soggy and muddy, but are looking ahead to a sunny/warm July. For us, one of the biggest impact is that farmers have not been able to get into their hay fields to cut the first crop or if they did cut on the rare sunny day in June, it rained on the cut rows of hay before it could be raked, dried and baled. We are in the midst of fencing two pastures and need hay to feed until the high tensile wire is strung. We are closer to being done than not, but having some round bales on hand to feed is always a plus.

Twenty-year-old Darrah has been working with us since mid-May. She is a fine rider, groom and overall barn manager. Darrah and her Golden Doodle Lola reside in our second bedroom. Last weekend we went to a local WSCA pleasure show in Braham where Darrah rode 4-year old purebred Arabian mare, WF Lotta Trouble (“Bell”), in two classes. Surrounded by Quarter Horses, Bell was certainly the odd horse out, but she and Darrah did well together and met our purpose, which was to see how she performed at a show. They took 4th and 5th place ribbons and a fun day was had by all.

We added two female 7-week old black labs to the AMF menagerie; Josephine and Cleopatra. They are very cute and have been accepted by the other canines, especially Lady, who has needed doggie playmate. When we met the litter of 11 I couldn't see taking just one puppy - that's too much work. These two occupy each other's time and that works for me.

Mid-month, we spent two days working with professional photographer Christina Rousseau to get equine photographs of the 2008 and 2009 youngsters. Legacy’s Renoir also had new photos taken. He has matured very nicely since his last professional photos were done in 2007 and looks quite different - more grown up. The final choices will be used in marketing efforts to promote the stallion for breeding and his babies for sale.

Saturday, July 3rd is my mother’s 86th birthday. Ian and I are taking her to lunch. We are also going to convert our dining room into a studio-like apartment for her. I would like her to be able to visit us more often and be able to stay overnight for a few days in a row if she chooses. Mom gets very good care at the Vet’s Home and participates in many activities, but she has not made any true friend connections and this leaves her feeling quite lonely. I think Mom being able to come here to visit in a comfy and safe environment will do a lot to lift her spirits. I’m searching Craig’s List for a used hospital bed, a mechanical lift chair, a dresser and other furniture odds and ends. It will be fun to have Mom visit us again.