Sunday, May 25, 2008

AMF Renoirs Bey B

Our 1994 grey mare, Khatalina Bey, caught us off guard when she delivered a filly in the pasture Friday morning. Legacys Renoir sired this chestnut filly and she looks very much like him. Her barn name will be “Baby.” She was not due until June 1, but is coming along well.

We’ve got one more foal coming; this one will be a Half Arabian pinto out of our purebred Arabian mare RJ Kiss the Wind ("Windy"), sired by a homozygous pinto American Saddlebred stallion named Famous Echo (“homozygous pinto” means he always sires pinto babies). We own all of Windy’s babies – Windstorm GTC ("Cairo"), the 2004 purebred chestnut gelding sired by Desert Heat VF, the 2005 Half Arabian pinto gelding, AMF Xtreme Kiss ("Kiss"), sired by the homozygous pinto American Saddlebred stallion, TF Xtreme, and last year’s purebred bay filly, AMF Troublesomes Kiss ("Kisses"), sired by RSA Troublesome.

This morning, Windy is waxing (sticky droplets on the ends of the teats), so we're keeping her comfy in her box stall and expecting her to foal within the next 24-48 hours. According to the gestation calendar, she's not due until June 1, but ... frankly, it will be nice to have all of our 2008 babies born before the month of May ends.

Yesterday, we went to New Richmond, Wisconsin to our friends Kathy & Larry and to pick up two of their purebred grey Arabian mares, Mara and Eve, to breed to Renoir. Mara, is actually a re-breed. She bore a filly sired by Renoir earlier this month, but sadly it died during the birthing process. As you can imagine that was very sad for her owners. Once these two mares are confirmed in foal we will haul them home again.

Tomorrow morning, we return to Larry & Kathy's again to pick up purebred Arabian mare VG Elambra ("Elly") and her filly AMF Renoirs La Tiara, who was born on May 1. The filly's barn name is "Princess" and she’s so friendly. She likes to nibble on Larry's shirt tail and then scoot away when she's discovered. Last year, we leased Elly from Kathy & Larry because we felt her double Gamaar bloodlines would cross well with Renoir’s – we were right! Princess is ours and we will breed Elly to Renoir again.

Our Half Arabian palomino filly, AMF Royals Gold Tango, born May 4, is growing very well too. Tango likes to run, run, run when she and her mother are outside. She’s friendly too, which is the way we like to keep all of our horses.

Those are today's horse news updates!


Monday, May 05, 2008

AMF Royals Gold Tango

Our MaRoSh-bred chestnut Arabian mare, MAF Last Dance, had a huge, golden palomino filly yesterday. She was born around 9 p.m. and is colored much like her sire, palomino Saddlebred stallion Goldmount Royal Design. This Half Arabian filly is really pretty and already quite curious.

We will register as AMF Royals Gold Tango. Her barn name is Tango.

That's two fillies for us since May 1. Renoir's first foal out of a double Gamaar daughter was born Thursday.

We've still got 2 more mares foaling this month; one foal will be a Half Arabian pinto sired by Saddlebred stallion Famous Echo SCA, and the other purebred Arabian mare is in foal to Renoir.

It pays to 'think pink.'


Friday, May 02, 2008

AMF Renoirs La Tiara

Last night, the first foal sired by our stallion Legacys Renoir was born to VG Elambra (V G Elerros x HCF Ambruzia, a *Zbrucz daughter), a 1997 chestnut mare we leased from our friends Larry and Kathy Rappley of Valglynya Arabians. The filly is chestnut with four white socks and a thin strip blaze. She and mommy are doing well at home in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

We’ve decided that her registered name will be AMF Renoirs La Tiara. Her barn name will be “la princesa” (the princess).

Ian and I are going to see the pair later today.