Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cat and dog

Yesterday, Tiger the cat met Lady the lab. Tiger wasn't too impressed and he's still giving Lady a lot of space. Lady does not chase or bark at Tiger (thank goodness). She wants to make friends, as she has with cats that live with her former owner. I think it will just take time. We continue to assure Tiger and hope that the socialization works for all concerned.

Lady is a two year old female black lab mix ... we think mixed with a Chesapeake Bay Spaniel (a popular local breed) because her coat has dark brown threads and she has a curly strip a hair along her back. Lady rarely barks and is very friendly to everyone, but this morning when the neighbor's dogs strolled toward to yard (as they regularly do) the hair on her back stood up and she let out a series of deep and serious sounding barks informing them there's a new dog in town!

In the coming weeks we'll take Lady to the vet for shots and to be spay.

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