Saturday, August 11, 2007

August tale and travel

It continues to be warm, humid and with little or no rain. The lawn grass crunches when we walk on it. The pasture is dry too and nothing but weeds are growing so we’ve been feeding hay to the outdoor horses for the last month. The corn and beans planted in area fields are looking quite thirsty.

In my last post I wrote about two kitties I found to at roadside. I tried to nurse them using kitten milk replacement, but sadly they both died. Bless their little kitten hearts.

We have two apple trees on the property; both are laden with ripening apples. I’m going to collect some and will begin making applesauce, apple pie filling and maybe even some apple jelly in the next few days.

Ian is on his was to Barcelona. He left Minnesota yesterday but because the plane left so late the connection was missed in Newark, New Jersey. So, he’s booked on a flight today to arrive on Sunday morning in Barcelona. He’ll return on the 22nd.

We’re on a roller coaster when it comes to selling the properties in Spain. First, one is sold, then not, then there’s interest in the other and then nothing. I THINK we’re about to actually sell one, but until the papers are signed and money changes hands it’s all conversation.