Thursday, September 08, 2005

Coming to Spain for a wedding

Ian and I are on our way back to Spain after spending the summer in Minnesota. The weeks just flew by. We arrive in Barcelona on Sunday and will then drive the two hours to Riumar on the Delta del Ebro. We rented both chalets all summer after we had renovated them this spring. We´ll be in Spain until October 3.

My son Michael (28) is marrying his Catalan girlfriend Natalia on September 30 in a civil ceremony in Barcelona. Exciting, no? Her family has really embraced Michael, which makes it very nice. Michael now runs his own kickboxing gym near the Joanic metro stop. His students are mostly women and they are very loyal. The gym is on the street side and their apartment is in the back. He advertises in The Metropolitan.

When we return we will sign papers on a 10-acre horse farm we made an offer on last week. It is about 45 minutes drive north of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul). It was built in 1895 and needs some updating, so we won't move in until January.

We plan to be back in Riumar for the first two weeks of December. Our plan continues to be to split time
between the two places. This is doable for the time being as there are no horses on the farm! I'll spend the winter months doing research and putting together a business plan. I must decide which type of horses I want to buy and, more importantly, which aspect of the horse business I really love and want to be in. Life is too short not to do what we love! I can't see giving up the Spanish side of life and I expect to find a comfortable balance.

My mother and father both turned 81 this summer and we were with both for their birthdays -- Papa's in Managua and Mom's in Minneapolis. Both are very happy, healthy and very busy with their lives. My 25 year-old-son Richard is now living with us in Minneapolis and is holding down the fort while we travel. It´s nice to be near my mom and son.

After our trip to Spain, Ian and I are visiting Ottawa. Ian's children have repatriated there after 10 years living abroad! It must feel like yet another foreign country to adjust to! I am hoping we hit the area during some beautiful leaf-turning weeks. We will visit them over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, then head back to Minneapolis.

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