Friday, July 05, 2013

Summer 2013

Where do I begin? Clearly, I fell off the blog truck, but with many changes a foot, I'm committed to getting back in the driver's seat and continuing the journey. Hop in and join me, won’t you?

While 2012 was a good year on the farm, a lot of opportunities for change began coming down the pike. Big ones. Fun ones. Earth-shifting ones. In short, we've moved on from the latest version of Auld Macdonald Farm Arabians – the one on 60+ acres in bucolic northern Minnesota (a rent-to-own property), with our 30+ horses, an assortment of feathered friends, plus two cats and five dogs – to a one-bedroom apartment in Minneapolis. Wow. I know, right?!

A quick recap:
Between January and May Ian and I sold, rehomed or relocated 35 horses. Thank you to Alyssa of EquiChoices for making the bulk of those sale connections.

Thanks to connections made via CraigsList, we found new forever homes for our Black Labs Lady, who is living on a farm with a retired military couple and their chocolate Lab; littermates Jo-jo and Cleo, who went together to a small horse farm; cats Tiger and Tonic found homes with family friends. In early April, our cherished 17-year-old miniature poodle Tucker was put down after a very good life.

Buddy, our apricot miniature poodle, is still with us, adjusting to apartment life, being walked and “watched” as he does his business, which we scoop, of course! We've discovered the local dog parks where he can romp off leash and if we need to be gone all day or overnight he goes to the Pampered Pooch Playground.

We still own our US National Champion stallion, Legacys Renoir+. Since March, he has been living at the internationally-respected breeding facility Twin Creek Farms in Michigan. You can stay in touch with what he’s up to, read news about his foals, and which mares he's bred to, at

A big move like this is never done without help. Gerri Ann helped me organize my first-ever garage sale, neighbor Linda helped pack boxes, and toss things in the roll-off container. She was there on moving day too, along with Marcia & Cooper, and my son Richard, as Ian packed the U-Haul. Gerri Ann also gifted us with the final detail clean of the farmhouse. Thanks to Richard, his pal Michael, and my girl, Sandy, for being at the apartment end, getting us in and sorted. I also loved and as ways to connect with people who could use our good stuff that wasn't making the transition.

Now, I'm sure you're asking "why" we would make such a drastic change. Frankly, to take advantage of professional opportunities, and to begin another fascinating chapter in our lives. Remember, this blog was established as a way to map the road taken from Spain to Minnesota. 

Ian continues to do well as a consultant at a Microsoft technology company in Minneapolis. At the beginning of the year, he was offered more responsibilities that included heading up more cool projects, travel from headquarters to regional offices, and to see clients. We weighed the pros and cons, pondered a lot, prayed a lot, and decided we liked the idea of new places and faces. So, at the end of January, he hopped that rocket.

In March, I officially joined the travel & leisure industry as the executive producer for Rudy Maxa's World. I've known its host for decades, and was lucky enough to be top-of-mind when Rudy needed someone to step in to book guests and help him organize the weekly radio shows.

The biggest bonus from all the changes is certainly being nearer to friends and family; especially Richard, and my 89 year-old mother who lives at the Vets Home. Another is enjoying all the fun and conveniences afforded to city folk.

So, I'm officially back at the wheel. Buckle up, give me a follow, share this with friends, leave a comment, there's a lot more fun to come.



Alyssa said...

What an excellent return to the blogging world! As always, I love hearing about your adventures.

Wishing both of you the best in this new chapter of your life!


Wow! You & Ian have shown me that what I must do CAN be done & looked at as another chapter. In my case, the move is necessary & only across town to my Dad's farm but......I will leave the home I love, on a mountain with10.5 acres of forest & fields, custom built barn for me by my husband, all of which I shared with my late husband, horses, dogs & cats. The prospect has been daunting and overwhelming until now. Thx. for showing me that it CAN logisically be done and by changing my perpective from looking backwards to looking at all the positives I may find it a different kind of wonderful. Hugs for showing me the way so clearly!