Saturday, September 03, 2011

It's already September!

August was the perfect month weatherwise. There was very little rain, the humidity was tolerable and the bugs weren’t vicious. In my opinion, August was our only true weeks of traditional Minnesota summer, as June and July were wet. I am looking forward to a nice autumn before the snow flies.

Ian and I made two kinds of crabapple jelly from trees in our yard. One has fruit the size of bing cherries and its jelly is a shimmery red, the other has golf ball-sized fruit and the jelly is more yellow. Both are quite tasty. I plan to collect more apples and do more batches. These make wonderful presents and keep darn near forever! I will be picking from our larger eating-apple tree too for canning applesauce and apple pie filling.

Horses continue to get started under saddle thanks to Carl. He has a good way with them, has a bag full of tricks, a good sense of humor and a solid work ethic. He’s whittled the list of seven to three and I suspect he’ll have all done by month’s end. There are many more miles and lessons to go before any horse is finished, but any of the ones he’s worked with are rider safe. All have been on long trail rides, been exposed to traffic, have gone out alone and with other horse/rider combinations. They have soft mouths and are joys to be around. I will be adding video to the for sale ads and see what kind of offers we get.

Soon we will wean Windy from mommy Mona. She was born at the end of April and she’s certainly old enough and eating well enough on her own to give up mother’s milk. Of course this is always traumatic. It’s time too for Mona to return to the herd, she’s fat and sassy and should reclaim her place in its hierarchy before the cold months settle in. All mommies know that it’s nice to have time with the babies, but there’s something to be said for hanging with the girls!

Windy is such a beautiful Half Arabian. She has the good characteristics of both parents. We’ll have her busy with learning new things and we plan to show her in halter classes in spring 2012.

Our other 2011 foal, Junior, Renoir colt out of our HK Beijing daughter, will be weaned at the beginning of October. His dam is confirmed in foal to Renoir again for a 2012 foal and we’re giddy about that! Both Junior and Windy are fine examples of our Auld Macdonald Farm breeding program.

Both Ian and I are well. Recently, we have both taken steps (professionally and personally) toward things that will bring long-term, positive changes to our lives. One of these steps was to join the Pine City Health & Fitness Center, which is available to its members 24/7. It’s less than a 10-minute drive from home and we like what they have to offer. Personally, I’m looking forward to its twice-weekly Zumba classes!

Mom is doing well too. She isn’t going to nearly as many doctor appts as she had been earlier in the year and that’s because she’s healed from all those various ailments. It’s wonderful to see her, which I try to swing once a week, and she also calls in between, so we’re in touch. Nice!



Dvora said...

Things sound good, especially the crabapple jelly. Spain has been hot and humid but a little less so than other summers. On the other hand, we won't have the beautiful autumn that you will.

Krien said...
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